Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Story boxes....The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread man...
This story box was made up using resources from
I took a shoe box and cut down all the sides.  I then attached the scenery sheets that Sparklebox produce to the sides of the box giving the story box multiple scenes which the children could use for various parts of the story with the characters, also printed off from Sparklebox.  I made sure that I only used the characters that were relevant to the story book I was including as there were a few more characters available.
This was a really quick and easy yet very effective resources to make both for and with the children.  This one I made up myself to use as a story box to show the parents I work with to give them ideas of what they can make with their children.
If you have any pictures of story boxes you have made, I would love to see them!  Please feel free to post pictures here or on my face book page : )
Sarah x

Sensory feely cards

Sensory Feely cards
These simple home made tactile cards are easy to make and great for sensory play.
Anything can be added to the laminated cards within reason to develop the sense of touch as well as language skills.
This activity can be developed further by making smaller cards for older children and making them into matching sets.
The activity can also help to develop colour recognition as well as develop pattern recognition depending on materials used.
The silky and rough materials used for these cards were various pieces of ribbon which had completely different contrasts.
The bumpy card was made up using packaging out of an old chocolate box.
The smooth card was made using neoprene (funky foam).
The soft card was made up using soft wool fabric and the fluffy one speaks for itself.
This can be made into a much bigger set depending on the materials used and the words you want to use to develop the child's vocabulary.
Have fun making yours!
Sarah x