Tuesday, 13 May 2014

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Pop on over and have a look guys. Really great ideas from babies up to 11 years covers communication and literacy, personal, social and emotional development and much more.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

More on story cube's...

Here are some links to other great sites where you can download some printable cubes or have a go at making your own with a dice template:




And there's many more on line.  You can find a link to a dice template to make your own in a recent previous post which I use from sparklebox.

Have fun....Sarah x

Story cubes

Story cubes are fabulous! A great way to develop communication skills, imagination  and creativity. I use these a lot within my work as I can use them with all age groups from babies upwards.

The whole point of them is that they can be shaken like die and stories developed from the pictures.  The child and adult can take turns in telling the story or children can use them to tell the whole story.

With babies I use the same kind of idea but add pictures of family members and pets to talk to them using the pictures through play.

The cubes I use with older children consist of character, background, animal or item pictures in order for them to mix their story up.

You can find some great printable story cube ideas or make your own from the dice template.

Here's a few pictures of the ones I have made up from www.sparklebox.co.uk