Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Incy Wincy Spider activities

Incy Wincy spider is one of my favourite action songs to use with the families I work with.  There are son many activities that you can do with your child that link to this well known rhyme.  Here are just a few:

Pop on over to http://www.spelloutloud.com where you can print out these pictures.  You can cut them out, add to card and laminate them, tape them to some lolly sticks to use as props to sing with.  You could also add some magnetic strip which you can buy in the poundshop to the back of them with some glue, add a flat kitchen baking tray that the magnet strip will stick to and you have a song board to use.

This is a fantastic idea.  Pop some children's sand into a tray or washing up bowl.  Add some pieces of pipe used by plumbers / builders (you can buy bits and pieces of these quite cheaply or ask family and friends if they have any left over pieces from jobs that you can clean and use).

Next you need to add some plastic spiders.  You can buy these in packs for children's party bags etc.

I am loving this Incy spider story box from One Perfect Day.  Click on the link to find out more. http://oneperfectdayblog.net/2013/05/10/itsy-bitsy-spider-activites-incy-wincy/

Threading webs using punched paper plates and string is great for developing children's fine motor skills.  This is a great idea from Kidz activities http://kidzactivities.net/the-very-busy-spider-craft/
Don't forget to check out the local library too for the story of the 'Very busy spider'.

Make some paper plate spiders ready for Holloween decorations.  Great idea over at http://iheartcraftythings.com/paper-plate-spiders.html

Spiders in gloop.  Make some gloop using cornflour and water, add googly eyes and spiders and some robust tweezers.......and off you go.  Loving it!

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