Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Printing activities

I have been looking for some simple printing ideas that I can use with paint and chocolate with some of the families.  Here are some fab, cheap ideas that can be used time and time again.  

1. How about this fab rolling pin?  Funky foam shapes have been glued onto an old rolling pin ready to be rolled into some fab messy chocolate or paint.  To find out more about this idea pop on over to Filth Wizardry  Lots of other fantastic ideas too!

2. How's this for a great invitation to have fun?  Lots of recyclable materials instead of brushes etc.  Pop on over to

 Read more about the value of providing "invitations" for children to explore and learn & see all the learning involved in this simple activity. Remember that children need to create and explore, they don't need it to be a specific item at the end. Allow this and don't push them to think they must make something "real.":

3. Bubble wrap painting.  How cheap and easy is this one?  If you havent got a rolling pin you could use an empty drinks bottle and wrap the bubble wrap around it.  For more ideas for this and more pop on over to

kids use their whole body when printing with bubble wrap and rollers:

4. Flower printing.  This is a really cute idea instead of using paintbrushes.  For more brilliant ideas pop on over to Learning 4 Kids

Flower painting activities for kids and toddlers. Perfect for spring and summer!:

5. Bottle top printing.  Recycle bottle tops and glue funky foam shapes to the tops of them. Cheap and cheerful and lots of fun. Find out more over on

6. And don't forget the good old potato printing.  One i remember fondly from my childhood days.    

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