Friday, 12 August 2016

Simple play....

Yesterday I looked after my friends boys for a few hours. As my boys are in their teenage years and hers a lot younger, I was in my element to be able to be a play mate.

First things first.... The play mobile came out and and they wanted me to help them set up a caravan park. BUT this wasn't just any old caravan the time they had finished I wanted to book myself in for two weeks or longer.

The imagination, creative skills, sharing, taking turns, listening, language skills that were taking place was a joy to observe. The best bit of all it didn't come a penny.

Then they decided they wanted to make something....the craft box was looking a little low as they had been having lots of fun during the holidays so far.  I spotted that Mum had been shoe shopping for them so we emptied the boxes and had a starting point.  We raided the kitchen and found paper plates, plastic cups, kitchen paper, kitchen foil, the stapler and sellotape.  Add a scissors and some coloured pencils and we set to work on Space themed play boxes for their Lego figures.

We had so much fun, I didn't want to leave....until the next time x

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