Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sock cushion and glove bag!

I made this sock cushion using the really soft fluffy socks that you can get so that the experience would be sensory.  The idea for the cushion is to hide items in the cushion for young children / babies to find. 

You can add socks of various sizes to make it more intereseting and to incorporate size. 

The socks are sewn securely onto a home made cushion cover which can be taken off and washed when needed.

Our glove bag is used in a variety of ways and houses different textured, sized gloves.  The children and parents are encouraged to explore the bag together.  The gloves offere a sensory experience as they are made from all kinds of fabrics as there are so many variations, e.g. winter gloves, gardening, heavy duty DIY, baby, washing up etc.

The children love to use the glove bag for role play too.  They love guessing who uses the different gloves in the bag.

Who would have thought a bag of gloves could provide so much fun!

Sarah x

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