Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The importance of books and stories

Books can help children to learn new words and learn about the world they live in.  There are so many different kinds of books that can be shared......pop up, lift the flap, rhyme books, board books, black and white books, cloth books and many more. 

A good way to change the kinds of books you share with your child is to use the library.  It's free to join and there are lots of different things that go on there these days......rhyme time sessions, craft sessions, reading challenges made fun and plenty more!

Things to try at home together.....
  • Turn off the television and any music in the background so that you can have a few minutes quite time together to enjoy the book
  • Take your time, allowing your child to let you know when they are ready to turn the page
  • Enjoy the pictures together and talk about the story and characters when you have finished the story
  • Make time to listen to your child talk about the book
  • Go to the library to choose more books and find out what else is going on there
  • Books don't just have to be shared at bedtime, make time for books in the day as well
  • Take books with you if you are going to the doctors or dentist etc, make the most of those few moments waiting

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