Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Reading with 5 to 6year olds

This is the stage when children can tell you about their favourite story and when they begin to pick out well known words or phrases, e.g, once upon a time, in a dark, dark wood.

♦ Take turns to read bits of a favourite story.  A whole story is too daunting for a new reader.  Don't worry if your child has memorised words or phrases.  This is an important part of learning to read. It gives a sense of satisfaction.  Recognising words will soon follow  once the story is familiar.

♦Talk about pictures and details that catch your child's interest.  This will help with understanding the story and with guessing new words.  Guessing is important when the child understands what the story is likely to say and chooses words which make sense.

♦ Run your finger under the words as you read together.  In this way, words are seen and heard together.

♦ Don't make a fuss if your child can't read a word.  Either say the word yourself or encourage your child to think about what it might say.  Draw attention to the starting sound of the word.  Don't get cross.  At this stage it is more Important that your child enjoys sharing stories  than getting every word right

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