Monday, 4 May 2015

Singing with babies

Babies can benefit from hearing songs and rhymes and all kinds of music right from the very beginning, even before they are born.   Children who know many songs and rhymes when they start school are more likely to read and write easier and do well generally in their learning. 

Learning about sounds:
When babies get to know lots of songs and rhymes, they begin to connect different sounds and rhythms and pace with different things.  Babies get better and better at knowing one sound from another and one voice from another.

Even before they are born babies feel the rhythm of people's movements around them as well as when they are rocked, handled or carried close to someone's body.  When parents sing rhymes and songs, the familiar movements and sounds are very satisfying.  When babies join in too with their babbling, looks and gestures, they are learning the rhythmic 'give and take' of listening and talking.

Songs, rhymes and music can bring pleasure, fun and security to young children.  When these things are part of children's lives from the very beginning, children are more likely to:
  • Feel good about themselves
  • Listen well and respond expressively
  • Be able to distinguish between sounds
  • Know many songs and rhymes
All these things are likely to help children become good learners.

Games, songs and rhymes:
Playing clapping games and peepo games together helps babies to know that what they do is enjoyed by other people.
These games can introduce lots of different sensations and encourage your baby to respond.
Singing or saying favourite songs and rhymes with your baby and encouraging them to make sounds and gestures of their own helps them with their listening and talking skills.

These experiences in the first days, months and years can have a strong impact on the development of a baby's brain.

For a really good list of songs and rhymes to use with your little one, click on the link below.

Remember songs and rhymes are FREE!  If you don't feel confident singing to your baby, they don't judge our skills they just love us to play and have fun : )

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