Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Incy Wincy Spider

This is one of our new props made by a lovely lady called Lyndy.  Incy looks so happy and the children will love him when we take him in to sing with.
Included in the three programmes is the eight week rhyme challenge.  Each week we have a rhyme of the week.  When the programmes are completed, children receive a certificate for completing the eight week rhyme challenge.
The reason for this is because of the research and evidence which shows that children who know eight rhymes by the time they start school are more likely to read and write easier by the time they get to juniors.
To make Incy you will need:
  • A wooden spoon
  • Black wool
  • Black material for the front and back of the body
  • Glue to stick the wool onto the spoon and the material on top
  • Googly eyes or similar
  • piece of pink or red wool for the mouth or similar

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