Monday, 10 October 2016

Autumn discovery tray

I needed to put together an Autumn discovery tray really quickly for an activity.  I always have a selection of trays I keep including cat litter trays that I purchase as they have a deeper edge for the children to explore further while keeping the contents together.

I printed the picture cards off  a while ago from Sparklebox and use them time and time again for different activities.  Ideally you would add real leaves that you can find with the children but I have to say that I love these that I found in the works for children to sort into colours or use to make pictures with.

I added some conkers from the nearby trees where I live that have them in abundance, a large pine cone that a friend gave me (you can find lots of these too at this time of the year when you go out for walks in the woods etc) and a squirrel and hedgehog finger puppet.  

There are so many other items that you could add including some acorns, apples as its harvest time and maybe a pumpkin too.  

Have fun putting yours together.  There are so many opportunities with this to develop early language skills, early number skills and to have fun together including leaf rubbings.


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