Friday, 8 March 2013

5 little ducks

Five little ducks

A popular song which is a firm favourite. I know that many of you will use various kinds of props to go along with this song to bring it alive for the children. I just thought I would share this idea and variation with you. Apart from a shimmery piece of fabric for the pond, I have used antislip ducks that would normally be used underfoot in the bath or shower.
They are versatile as you can add them to water too, tactile for little hands and great to develop counting skills both upwards and downwards.

Check out your nearest home stores, I have frogs too for five little speckled frogs.

The great thing about these is that as they have non slip backing they can stick to the tiled wall in the bathroom too so you can sing and count while having fun in the bath.

Have fun!

Sarah x

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