Saturday, 16 March 2013

Words for Life - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Words for Life - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Another one of my all time favourite books!  This is just brilliant all round.  I love the way that one page is coloured and the next is black and white, coloured, then black and white. 

Great for developing children's creativity and imagination.  The sky isnt always blue and the grass isnt always nesseserily green.......

Lots of wonderful repetative language.  Brilliant for physical skills to get all involved moving with the story.....we cant go over it, we cant go over it...we have to go through it!

I include textured materials when reading this story.  Great for bare feet....chocolate mud, shallow pool of water, scrunchy material for the swishy swashy grass, old dvds hanging from a tree for the swirly whirly snow storm etc etc.

Find some great resources for 3-5 year olds on the National Literacy website to go hand in hand with this great book.

Sarah x

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