Sunday, 29 March 2015

Developing routines: Babies

Babies need warmth, nourishment, sleep, safety and love.  For us parents, these needs can sometimes feel overwhelming and never ending. 

One of the most useful things to remember in the first years is that because babies grow and develop so fast, patterns are constantly changing.  Managing to establish a few familiar routines, even when things are changing so fast, helps babies as well as adults.  When routines become familiar and enjoyable, babies feel safer and more secure.

Enjoyable routines in the day

Routines develop from the things that happen regularly every day.  Every family is different and every bay / parent relationships is different, but it generally helps when normal daily patterns can become enjoyable occasions for everyone.  These can include:
  • Eating
  • Nappy changing fun getting to know
  • Getting dressed
  • Hello and goodbyes
  • Washing / bath time
  • Getting up
  • Cuddles
  • Bedtime
During nappy changing, getting dressed, playtime, getting up etc a good activity to do with your baby is to play Peepo.  Babies have always loved this game because of the surprise in store.  It can go on for a while depending on your baby.  Different family members can also play this game with your little one as its really easy and free!

Ideas to play Peepo...

  • You can use anything to hide your face from your baby - a tea towel, scarf, hat, etc.  Try see through material or a see through scarf for younger babies so that they can see that you are still there and don't get distressed.
  • Try making different faces, sounds or animal noises
  • try the game using a special teddy or similar peeping out
  • Try whispering Peepo and then get louder and louder - but not shouting
Playing Peepo helps babies to:

  • Have fun getting to know people
  • Develop a sense of humour
  • Develop communication skills - babbling
  • Look, listen and respond
  • grow in confidence
Every day see through scarves are the best...check out your wardrobe : )

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