Thursday, 22 January 2015

The great outdoors....Out and about

The outdoor environment provides lots of everyday learning experiences.  So how can children's skills be developed when out and about?

  • They get to explore and investigate their outdoor environment. 
  • It encourages their curiosity and encourages them to explore
  • It can help to develop their imagination and their role play ideas

A walk in your local area can provide lots of different experiences such as sounds, smells, shapes, numbers, colour, language opportunities as well as listening skills.

Road signs come in all manners of shapes.  Cars have registration numbers and buildings are made of shapes and patterns.  Finding out about the post office and who works there, the bank, the hairdressers are all every day opportunities to help extend your child's learning.

Ideas for the outdoors:

  • Making mud pies - Mixing, decorating then using natural objects, e.g. leaves and twigs.  Draw patterns in mud using sticks
  • Treasure hunts - Hide different objects outside.  Ask the children to find them using clues and following a trail.  You could also have a pattern hunt, number hunt or shape hunt
  • Water play - Enjoy splashing in puddles, explore the idea of floating and sinking.  Paint with water on the floor or the walls,  what happens as the water dries?
  • Music - Make a music tree.  Attach instruments the child has made or already has to the tree.  Children can then make their own music.  You can attach items to a fence if no tree.  Try adding spoons and pans from the kitchen
  • Imagination - Develop your child's imagination  using small  characters such as soldiers or fairies in the garden
  • Nature - make daisy chains.   Collect fir cones and see what you can make out of them.  Collect big, small and middle sized ones to sort
  • Windy days - Blow bubbles outside using simple mixture made from washing up liquid and water and see what happens.  Make some paper streamers and watch how they move in the wind

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