Sunday, 18 January 2015

The importance of mark making....part 1

Mark making is as simple as it sounds - children making random marks using different tools and / or materials.  It is an important stage of development and is a crucial early stage in writing.

Children who have had plenty of mark making opportunities tend to be more confident writers when they are older.

It is important to allow the free expression of 'scribbling' as it is a crucial stage to their development.  If they are pushed to learn how to draw or write correctly, the learning [process can be disrupted.

Make mark making fun and try and provide plenty of opportunities.  It doesn't have to be paper and crayon all the time.  Children love to experiment with blackboards, chalks, whiteboards and markers, different types of paper and anything they can make marks with using their fingers, hands or other tools.

Ideas to try:

Play dough is an excellent tool for mark making, especially home made.  You can find a simple recipe in a precious post.

 Wet and dry sand have different properties to mark make.

Gloop: corn flour mixed with water.  One of the best experiences ever.

Tooth paste: A writing implement ready to go.  (See previous post)

Glue: PVA runny glue makes brilliant marks on black card when it runs from fingers or brushes and dries bumpy too.

Shaving foam: Brilliant for mark making and for trying to sculpt into snowmen.

Chocolate drinking powder - sensory mud: (drinking chocolate mixed with water - See previous post)

Use your imagination and raid your food cupboards, also please be careful with any allergies children may have.

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