Sunday, 18 January 2015

The curiosity pool....

A curiosity pool is a great way to encourage children to explore and discover everyday objects.  The aim of the curiosity pool are:
  • To develop an awareness of objects
  • To develop a child's language skills
  • To develop an interest in games
It's a great way to have fun with your little one while developing their language and learning through play.

What you need:
  • A small child's paddling pool or baby bath (empty - no water)
  • A couple of cushions so that your little one is comfortable in the pool / bath
  • A selection of items for your child to explore, e.g. fruit, toys, items from around the home which are safe such as empty boxes so you can hide items too, wooden spoons, clean shiny scouring pads (see previous post about treasure baskets for ideas)
Let your child sit in the pool and explore the items safely with you. remember o give them enough time to do this.  If a child is rushed they can become frustrated.  You can hide items in the boxes or behind cushions to vary the game as it goes on. 

Age range for this activity: From when your little one is able to sit up.  However older children can still have fun by joining in with it. 

In the summer months you can use this activity outside.  Try adding a little water to the pool and see if you can make items float or sink.  Remember though....DONT leave your child unattended!

Taking turns:
The skills needed to take turns start to emerge in young babies.  When a child is very young they will start to take turns in their baby talk, copying sounds they hear.  This turn taking  goes on to develop into the child's ability to take turns to look and listen to you as you speak and as you then take your turn to look and listen to them.  You will see this happen during the activity.

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