Sunday, 18 January 2015

Songs and rhymes with babies... Part 1

Babies benefit from hearing songs and rhymes and all kinds of music right from the very beginning, even before they are born.  They were able to hear the rhythm of your heartbeat and voice when they were in the womb.

Singing and musical games are great ways for parents and carers to communicate with babies.  Babies quickly learn to recognise the rhymes sung to them. 

Singing to your baby can strengthen the bond between you both and help baby's emotional wellbeing.  Singing rhymes and songs with your baby helps train the ear to hear the differences among sounds which is an important skill when learning to read and write later on.

Singing with your little one also helps babies learn to listen and concentrate.  Babies will enjoy the interaction and learn about the rhythm of the language.  Repetition of simple songs helps babies learn the basic structure of language. 

Music helps to distract, soothe and entertain babies and helps them to learn to listen and respond

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