Sunday, 18 January 2015

Songs and rhymes with babies .....part 2

Finding a voice:

Babies enjoy trying out new sounds themselves and singing encourages babies to do this.  They quickly learn t make themselves heard through their coos, babbles, laughs and cries.   By doing this they are developing their mouth muscles and their awareness of the sounds they can make.  Encourage your baby by watching, responding and joining in with the sounds they make.

Play mouth music games

Make up a pattern of different sounds with your mouth, e.g. clicking, hissing, saying the 'sh' sound, softly whistling, saying 't t t'. Watch your baby's reactions.  They may try to copy the sounds.  Imitate the sounds your baby makes back to them and try making them slightly louder or softer, faster or slower, higher or lower.

Playing these sound effect games helps babies learn to listen and concentrate and learn to take turns at making noises, like in a conversation.  They will also realise that their sounds are important to you which will encourage them to use their voice more.

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