Sunday, 4 October 2015

Did you know?

Children' s brains are like sponges.  From the minute they are born, they are ready to take on new experiences and learn from them.  The earliest months and years are the most important in a child's development. 

From this early point children are able to soak up language and so this is an important time when there is more than one language within the home environment as children at this time find learning more than one language easier than adults who can find learning more than one language difficult.

The sooner children hear their home languages, the quicker they are to pick up words and understand.

By the age of five years (which isn't very old when you think that some of us can live up to be one hundred years of age), 95% of children's spoken language has been acquired through talking, playing, singing songs and rhymes and by having books and stories shared with them.

Children who have had lots of books and stories shared with them, generally find reading easier.

Children who know lots of songs and rhymes can feel more confident to join in at song time at nursery and school.

We are our child's first educator and role model...... we don't have to be perfect, (there is no such thing), just being ourselves while reading, playing, talking, listening and singing with our children and having fun with them, is the best thing we do!

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