Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Wow said the Owl part 2

Wow said the Owl

Part 2:

Were going on an owl hunt

A really simple activity linked to the story is to go on an owl hunt.  The families taking part in the session were encouraged to look for  the hidden owls around the room using prepositional language such as behind, on, in, under etc.  

For this activity I printed off different pictures of owls and laminated them and then hid them around the room before the families came in to the room.

You could also make some owls with the children to use for this activity or you could use soft toys.

Here are the owls I used:

Bilingual colour book

This simple book was made with the families within the session to highlight the different colours in the main story book.  Simple pictures for the children to colour were printed off in line with what items were found in the story and then English and Welsh words added for the different colours.

Painting a rainbow

This was a simple activity used in the session where the families made rainbows to link to the story.  We used paper plates cut in half.  Next we painted our rainbows and once they had dried off we attached tissue paper strands to float in the breeze.

This one I attached to my board last week to show.

Owl  babies 

This popular story linked nicely to the theme of the book and so we used this with the props included in our story sack to tell the story and to use for role play.

I have added a You tube link for you to follow the story if you haven't come across it before.

For the songs that were linked to the book see the next post : )

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