Saturday, 16 February 2013

Eye spy bottle.....

Eye Spy Bottle.....
Part of my work is to develop early number skills through play too.  This simple resource is one I made to help develop just that.  There are many really great resources on the market that can be brought, however the philosophy regarding my role is to use items from around the home or that are easy to make so they are all easily accessible to the parents to make the resources with their children.
The aim of this resource is to find various items within the bottle - hence it's name the eye spy bottle.
You can stick to a theme or mix it up a little.  This one houses some coloured teddies, plastic tadpoles and pom poms to develop counting skills, colour recognition and language skills.
This one was filled with a combination of rice, sand and sequin stars to make it more interesting for the children to swish around and find the items.  For older children you can add a laminated list to the bottle.  They can cross off items with a white board marker pen as they find them. 
These bottles are also brilliant for long trips to help keep boredom at bay.
Have fun!
Sarah x

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