Saturday, 16 February 2013

Stacking boxes.....

Stacking boxes...
Stacking boxes, such a simple and effective resource that children just love.  There are many great stacking resources on the market today for children, however as mentioned previously about the philosophy regarding my work, I always look out for alternative ideas to use with the parents.
This fabulous selection of boxes can help childrens development in a variety of ways and were brought in a card shop - Simple gift boxes.  They are sturdy and hardwearing which is great for kids.
They build, find the correct corresponding lids, stack them inside each other....
If you set them out like this for the children to explore you can also add items inside each box for them to discover as they explore.......natural, noisy, hard, soft, rough, smooth...the list goes on.
Helps to develop sequencing skills
Language development
Helps to develop size recognition
Have fun!
Sarah x

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