Friday, 27 September 2013

Storytelling path...

Cute idea!  Storytelling path - students can walk down the "path" as they retell a story - beginning, middle, end, etc.  There are picture clues drawn on the sides of the path.
Storytelling path:
This is definitely being tried out with the fun with words programme.  What a fabulous idea!  Parents and children can make these together or the children might like to make their own.  Love the way that pictures have been drawn along the way as reminders of the story along the path. 
This would also make a beautiful personal story with family members / pets along the path etc or a story path from birth to the age the child is now.  So many possibilities as well as using traditional tales and much more!
Language skills, memory skills, sequencing, developing imagination and creativity, fine motor skills when drawing or sticking pictures on....can also include number if using traditional tales as well as how many footsteps it takes to go along the path.  So many directions for this activity.  Love it!
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