Friday, 27 September 2013

We're going on a Bear Hunt....

Sensory play - Going on a bear hunt
We're going on a Bear Hunt
This is one of my favourite books I use with the children as it has lots of great repetitive language.  The pages inside are and and white.  I love this element as it enables the children to use their imagination and creativity to bring the pages alive.  After all the sky isn't always just blue, the grass can sometimes be get my drift.
I always get the parents and children I work with to act out the story with actions.  We love it and add various pieces of material to act as mud and the river and hang cd's up from trees to use as the snowstorm that we go through.
But I am definitely going to add this extra element that I came across the other day on pinterest from
Especially as we haven't always got the room to be physical.  Imagine using chocolate powder for the sensory mud - the smell, the taste, the feel of it.

Language development, sensory play, developing imagination and creativity.
Sarah x

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