Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Treasure baskets...why no plastics?

Many plastic objects are similar in many ways.  They are often all smooth, have no smell and no taste.  In our manufactured world, adults and children use plastic objects everyday and a child gains experience of these objects from handling bottles, cups, toys and rattles.  by offering a whole range of objects which are not plastic, we increase the opportunities for a child to explore and learn.

You know your child best and can experiment with likes and dislikes.  It is sometimes best to start with a small number of items at first and to introduce new objects gradually.  This way your child can find their favourite objects and notice when new items have been added.  Popular items for treasure baskets include natural objects, natural materials, wooden objects, metal objects, textiles and paper / cardboard items:

  • Pumice stone / a lemon / natural loofah / wicker baskets / wooden nail brush
  • paint brush / wooden curtain rings / wooden clothes pegs / wooden egg cup
  • spoons / keys / leather purse / different textures materials / ribbon / lace
  • grease proof paper / boxes / kitchen rolls / hair scrunchies / nylon pan scourer
  • egg whisk / pine cone / powder puff / pastry brush / wooden spoon

The list is endless

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