Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What is a treasure basket?

A treasure basket  is a shallow sturdy basket containing a collection of everyday items, none of which are plastic.  Most of the objects are in everyday use by adults and are made of natural materials.  The items in the basket vary in weight, size, texture, colour, taste and sound.  All the items are chosen to stimulate one or more of the five senses.  Babies and young children explore the treasure basket using their senses to discover what the objects are.

If you don't have a basket you could use an empty shoe box or something similar as long as your baby (when sitting upright) or young child can access it easily while you are with them.  When you use a treasure basket  / box you would normally put other toys away so that your little one can really explore the contents. 

Your baby will put thing to their mouth to explore.  This is their way of exploring and finding out about the world around them.  This is why its important that you choose safe items for them and never leave them unattended with the items but let them explore them with you by their side.

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