Sunday, 27 April 2014

Visi bottles

Visi bottles are very similar to sensory bottles and are designed to stimulate a babies eye sight.  They help babies to:

  • Look and think about what they see and hear
  • See what happens when they shake, move and wiggle things
If you want to make one you will need:
  • An empty washed out small drinks bottle (which can either be held or rolled depending on the age)
  • Food colouring  - optional (depending on whether you want your water to be coloured)
  • Glitter, coconut or similar for movement
  • Glue gun (to make the lid stick tight to the bottle) or masking tape to seal around the top of the bottle
REMEMBER: Close the lid tightly.  Do not leave your baby alone with this bottle as small parts can cause a baby to choke. 

These ones are from 'you'll thank me one day'.  You will find more really great ideas here so pop on over to have a look:

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