Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How to make a drum

Making a drum is so simple and doesn't have to cost a penny.  You can use different sized saucepans, plastic containers or tins of different sizes.  I have to say though that one of my all time favourites that I use with the families I work with is made out of a .....baby milk tin!  Add a couple of metal and wooden spoons or just use your hands and away you go. 

After cleaning it out you can decorate it with wrapping paper or similar.  I tend to cover the wrapping paper in sellotape to make it both wipe able and to last longer.  You can also glue the lid on with a glue gun.

Great for:
  • Developing hand / eye coordination skills
  • Developing listening skills and rhythm
  • Listening to different sounds, especially as one side is plastic and the other side is metal making both soft and hard sounds

                                                            Picture taken from Pinterest

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