Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Supporting early learning

Learning about shapes, numbers, colours and letters is important for young children, however early learning is about much more than this.  It's about:
  • Exploring
  • Finding things out for themselves
  • Problem solving
  • Watching, sharing, being with other people
  • Communicating their thoughts and feelings
  • Talking, practising, listening and repeating (lots of repetition)

Children usually love real life activities such as shopping or helping with the household chores which are safe for them to join in with.  This is a good way for children to learn by being activate doing real things and finding out more about the world they live in. 

These experiences enable children to make positive decisions and learn from their mistakes all of which help children  as learners.

Sometimes children need adults to join in as they need support with what they are wanting to do as long as the adult knows when to stand back and not do everything for the child.  But most of all its about having fun together and making precious memories.....priceless!

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