Sunday, 20 March 2016

Developing early writing skills....finger gym

To  be able to make marks effectively, children need to be able to develop their fine motor skills.  This means developing the muscles in the fingers and the hands. 

Children need lots of different opportunities to do this and we can be too quick sometimes to give them pencils and crayons as they need lots of practice with the different opportunities we can offer them to develop the skills needed to hold them. 

Writing should be fun and not a chore.  Its really important that children see us using lots of different opportunities to write as we are living in a very technological age we don't seem to do this as much as we used to.....lots of tapping on screens instead which is just using one finger.

The development of the muscles helps with learning how to use scissors too as well as much more.

Finger gym activities are activities to help develop fine motor skills, making fingers and hands stronger. Here are some ideas to try:

How fab and cheap is this idea...... Threading cheerios on string to make bracelets etc.  I have made these before with the families I work with but did it a little unhealthily as we used red liquorice laces to make them.

Another really simple activity using pom poms.  Pop on over to find out more.

Non messy mark making

Threading is a really good activity to develop these skills.  You can use wooden beads, buttons or threading cards....

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