Friday, 24 June 2016

Storyboard cut outs

These fantastic story board cut outs are from Primary Treasure Chest.  I have used these quite a few times with the families I work with in the following ways after printing and cutting them out:

  • Made story stones - After cutting them out, I glued them to some pebbles that were not too heavy.  The children could use them to make up their own story using various stones from different themes as well as finding them hidden in the sand or similar
  • Made story cubes - Using the dice template and enlarging it on the photocopier, I then glues a selection of pictures to each side.  The children then roll the dice to make up their story
  • Storyboards - After laminating the characters, the children made background story boards to use with their characters to tell a story
  • Made snap cards - Print, cut out, stick to pre cut card pieces which are the same size, laminate and then you have a set of snap / matching cards

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