Saturday, 5 January 2013

Brush Basket......

The Brush basket is a multi use resource.  The basket contains various bushes from nail brushes, paint brushes, dustpan and brush, make up brushes, etc etc.

Also included in the basker are photographs of the brushes.  The following ideas can be used with this resource for children's development including vocabulary development:

  1. Match the brushes to the photograph cards (which are laminated to last longer).
  2. Sensory play - exploring the different textures and materials.
  3. Guessing game - the children guess who might use the various brushes.
  4. Role play
  5. Size game - put the brushes in order of size (as there are packs of the same paintbrushes etc in various sizes).
The children love playing with this basket with the parents.  It's great fun, easy to put together and most of all includes items that you'll find around your home, which is what our resources are all about.

Sarah x x

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