Sunday, 27 January 2013

Colour matching game:

Colour matching game:
This is a simple, easy to make fun game that children love playing time and time again.  Let's go on a colour hunt to develop colour matching skills.
I used empty, cleaned out pringles crisps tubes.  Then the tubes were covered with different coloured play paper.  Depending on the age / stage of your child you can user fewer tubes or add more colours.
Go for a walk around your home or garden and encourage your little one to see what they can find that matched the colour of the tube.  The really good thing about this home made game is that they can flip the lid off and store the contents inside and it develops counting skills and language skills too.
When you have finished you can count and describe the contents.
A really good fun, home made game thats provides lots of possibilities.
Sarah x x


  1. Love the idea think this will be on the to do list :)

  2. Oh Im so glad Amy. Hope you enjoy and have fun.

    Sarah x