Monday, 21 January 2013

The shopping bag....

The shopping bag:

I LOVE this 'put together from around the home' resource!!!

Collect various cartons, containers etc that are clean for your child to use. Add a shopping bag and hey presto!

How i use with the parents and children:
* Role Play - shopping etc (I encourage the parents to let the children use real fruit and veg), I also encourage parents to use real money when playing shop as plastic cards to be the way of the world for us all.
* Early reading skills (labels)
* 3d shapes
*Sensory play (when real fruit and vegetables are added)
*Building blocks
* When items start to look a little worn - junk play modelling

There are many more ideas.....but that's what I call a fabulous sunshine, rain, snow whatever the weather great bag that doesnt cost anything at all!

Have fun

Sarah x

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