Sunday, 22 May 2016

5 little ducks

There are some many great activities you can link to this rhyme as well as printables available to bring it alive.

I have used Sparklebox to print off these counting mats seen in the picture below.  Add some home made play dough and make your own ducks, it's so easy.

You can use the cut out ducks to match to the correct card as well as to use as a matching game (numbers to spots).

Five little ducks went swimming one day

Five little ducks went swimming one day
Over the hills and far away
Mummy duck said, quak, quack, quack, quack
But only four little ducks came back.

Four little ducks.......

Three little ducks......

Two little ducks......

One little duck......

Other ideas to try:
  1. Cut a duck shape out of a sponge to do some sponge painting

2. Make a paper plate duck like this one

3. Try making some home made lacing cards.  Follow this link to take you to one you can print out from Activity Village.

Don't forget to add shoelaces : )

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