Thursday, 5 May 2016

Goldilocks and three bears extension ideas

Here are some great ideas to extend your Goldilocks and three bears theme.....

1. Have a Teddy bears tea party.  How about playing some music too....'If you go down to the woods today...'

image from:

2. Make some bear masks

Great masks here to print and colour

3. Go for a walk to the woods and see if you can find the house where the bears live

4. Make some bear puppets.  I love this one where you can pop your fingers through for the legs.  There are lots of ideas on line.
5. Visit the library and search for some bear books and stories.  It's free to join!

6. Put on a puppet show using teddies, dolls and any other cuddly toy characters you have

See what else your little one can think of to do with bears but most of all have fun together.

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