Monday, 2 May 2016

Out and about community cards

These home made community cards are a good idea for families to use as a  talking point about the community they live in with their children.  

The photographs all based on places visited by your child offer lots of opportunities for talk. They are then designed to be followed on with a visit around your community visiting the different places for your child to have the experience of each.

You may well be thinking ...well we do that anyway...BUT is it usually when we are really busy and trying to get so many things done, e.g. shopping, school run etc.  This is designed as a separate activity when we have more time and all the venues don't have to visited in one day.

They are also a great way to support the safety of your child, e.g. knowing where and how to cross roads correctly.  Safe places of people who help us - Police station etc.  A short bus trip if they usually travel by car and let them pay for the tickets.

Make sure the photographs are real to the community you live.  So many different every day learning experiences are on offer for our children just by leaving your front door.

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