Thursday, 19 May 2016

Traditional Stories: The Enormous Turnip

This is the Traditional Tale: The Enormous Turnip pack that i put together again using Sparklebox resources.

Along with the background story mat there are lots of props to match the many characters within the story.  I have also added three different sized laminated turnips which can be put in order of size....smallest to largest and largest to smallest to add another dimension to the story developing early number skills.

Other ideas to try:

Printing with paint - use pieces of turnip in the same way as you would potatoes for potato printing.  It is strong enough to be carved into many shapes.  

Try growing some seeds.  See if you can buy some turnip seeds and watch how they grow with your child.

Go on a treasure hunt in your house and see what else you and your child can find that's big (enormous) OR see what you can find that begins with the 't' for turnip sound.

If you haven't had turnip before, what about buying one and cooking it for you all to try? What does t taste like?

What other ideas can you think of?

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