Sunday, 13 September 2015

Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn

Summer has gone and Autumn is here.  I am revising my Autumn discovery box this term with my children.

The discovery box provides lots of opportunities for children to explore the items inside the box as well as develop language and listening skills.  The box is easy to make together and can be led by your child choosing what items to include as this time of the year there are many treasures you can include.

You will need:
· A shoe box or similar
· Paper to cover the box (wrapping paper can be used)
· Printed pictures to decorate (you can use old magazines or encourage your child to draw picture to make it more personalised to them)
· sellotape
· Glue

Here is a picture of the one I have made:

Items I have included for discussion and exploration include:
This Look, look, look again Autumn book which is full of wonderful images of Autumn.  You can pop something similar in or visit the library to see what books you can find to loan.

I have also included some pine cones.  You could also include some acorns and conkers.

I printed off some A4 size Autumn pictures to include:

You can add lots of different coloured leaves and use them to sing songs with.  This is a song about five little leaves.  You can find the lyrics below:

Five little leaves

Five little leaves so bright and gay,
Were dancing around on a tree one day.
The wind came blowing through the town,
And one little leaf came tumbling down!


I downloaded these lovely Autumn cards from Sparklebox:

They are available in Welsh too to make the box bilingual:

You can also add some soft toys that you can use as song props or to tell stories with:

See what you can come up with for yours.  I would love to share your ideas here : )

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