Friday, 4 September 2015

Home made song puppets

Today I have been updating some hand made song puppets that I made a while ago.  Hand puppets to use as props to sing with can be pretty expensive to buy in some places and usually only go with one song.

The idea I am about to share with you to make your own, is not only cheap and easy to make but can be amended to use for many songs and changed often.

Items needed:
  • Exfoliating glove (really cheap to buy as a pair to use in the shower so you can make two lots and give one to a friend or family member)
  • Strip of Velcro (amount will depend on how many characters you are making to go with your different songs).  You are only going to use one side of this Velcro - the rough side that will stick to the glove)
  • A glue gun or similar strong glue to glue the velcro to the characters
  • Song characters printed off.  (Using your search engine, type in what characters you would like to use.  I used the following ones; aliens and a world for five little men in a flying saucer, ducklings and a pond for 5 little ducks, monkeys and a bed for five cheeky monkeys jumping on the bed, green bottles and a wall for five green bottles and green frogs and a log for 5 little speckled frogs
  • Laminator to laminate them to make them last as they will be put on and pulled off the glove.  (If you don't have a laminator use cello tape and cover the front and back before adding the Velcro)
I previously purchased blue gloves as they can be used for the sky, sea, ponds etc.  Green ones are great too, although obviously you can use any colour.

 Images of the characters I looked up and printed for my choice of songs:

Here is my five cheeky monkeys jumping on the bed, which can be placed either way; at the top of the fingers so you can move them to make it look like the monkeys are jumping or lower.

When singing the song and the monkeys have fallen off the bed, you can pop them on to the back of the glove for safe keeping.
Now there are no more monkeys jumping on the bed!


The Velcro does not need to be cut into large pieces before being glued to secure the characters to the glove:
The other song characters used; Five little speckled frogs

Five green bottles standing on the wall:

Five little ducks went swimming one day:

Five little men in a flying saucer, flew around the world one day:

The list is endless......

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