Friday, 4 September 2015

Sensory texture lids

These days recycling is part of our everyday routine.  But it's amazing what we can use from our everyday recycling to make resources to use with our children. 

These sensory textile lids are made from old jam jar lids.  I have added various textured materials to the inside of the lids with some strong glue after washing and drying them.

The aim of this activity is to:

  • Develop an awareness of different textures
  • Describe new textures and develop new vocabulary
  • Match different textures
Some of the key description words can include:

'Smooth, soft, bumpy, lumpy and scratchy'.  How many other words can you think of?

Another really easy, cheap activity to make and keep in a box or zip wallet for children to use time and time again with you.

It can also be used as a simple matching game, matching colours as well as textures.  They can also be used to count with and children of different ages will love not just playing with them but also helping to make them too.

You can also use coffee jar lids or similar items and they don't all have to be of the same size.

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