Monday, 21 September 2015

Let your child know it's ok to get dirty....

Children need to know that it's ok to get dirty.  Sometimes we can be too quick to get the wet wipes out to clean our children down.  This means that they don't always get the opportunity to experience being dirty or how things feel, e.g, sticky jam etc.

Many of us don't like the thought of messy play as we like our houses to be clean and tidy. However mess can be controlled and if you join in with the play with your child, children will see you having fun too and from this will know that it is ok to get dirty.

Washing up bowls are a great item to contain messy play as they are deep enough but not too deep for your child to reach into and have fun.

Old shirts / blouses are a great item that can be used as an apron for young children as they can easily be washed.

The outdoor environment is another great place for messy play to take place and the rain or hose pipe can easily wash it away.

The bath is another great place for messy play. Children can have a great sensory experience here as they can really get involved and it will all wash away down the plughole.

Messy play doesn't always have to be about paint or glue.  Have a look in your food cupboards and see what you can find for children to have a new experience.....

  • Sensory chocolate (drinking chocolate and water mix - see previous post)
  • Gloop (cornflour and water mix)
  • Jelly
  • Custard
  • Pasta
  • Beans.....The list goes on

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