Sunday, 22 November 2015

Home made Sensory / coloured hand print book

Today I set myself another task of using only items from around my home to make a home made sensory book to develop early language skills through play. I decided to make a hand print shaped book to personalise the sensory side.

For this book here are the materials I used to make it that I found:

  1. Coloured cardboard
  2. White cardboard
  3. Coloured pieces of scrap fabric that matched the colours of the cardboard
  4. Pen
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue stick
  7. Stapler
  8. Sellotape
  9. Piece of thin ribbon

Firstly I drew around my hand (your child's hand ideally), then I cut my hand shape out and used it as a template to cut out hand shapes from the other coloured cardboard.

Then I used one of the templates to cut out hand shapes from the different fabric scraps that I had found to match the cardboard colours.

I then glued the fabric shaped hand cut outs to each of the coloured card shaped templates, making sure that the fingers and thumb pieces matched correctly.

I then cut some of the white cardboard up into smaller pieces and wrote the name of each colour separately on four pieces and the sensory word for how the fabric felt separately on another four pieces of the cardboard. 

I then stapled the sensory words to the fabric covered hand and on the opposite side on the plain coloured hand added the word for each colour separately and secured with sellotape.

I then made a hole in each hand using a hole punch at the base and threaded the piece of ribbon through.

As seen here......

 Mixed sensory and coloured....

 All plain coloured.....

All textured.....

Closed up ready to explore.....

You can use old cereal boxes and paint if you have no coloured card.  There are so many different textures you can add.  How about adding some kitchen foil to make a shiny hand or cotton wool to make a soft or fluffy hand?  The possibilities are endless.  See what you can make without spending any money.  

Have fun!

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