Sunday, 15 November 2015

Matching and sorting.....

A great way to have fun and talk is to encourage your little one to help you sort the washing.  Matching socks together after being washed is a great way to sort into sizes, colours, patterns etc.  

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Sorting shoes is another great one to do.  Daddy's shoes, Mummy's shoes, little shoes, big shoes, the list goes on.

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The same can be done with gloves too.  What else can you find around the home to match?

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Make a simple snap game.  You can make an animal one, colour one, shape one, number one or how about a personal family member snap game for lots of interaction and discussion?

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You can print them out twice and glue onto cut up cereal boxes to make them sturdy or you can draw your own pictures.

Or have a go at family snap....have fun!

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