Sunday, 29 November 2015

Simple Christmas jigsaw puzzles

I have seen a lot of ideas for simple children's jigsaws made out of lolly sticks.  Yes you heard correctly....lolly sticks.  

Lolly sticks are really cheap to buy in the craft section of your supermarket or craft shops and have many uses.  You may already have some in your craft stash if you have one.

We decided (little helper and I) to have a go at making a really simple set of three jigsaws with a Christmas theme.  Excuse the quality of the photos but we were having fun taking them.

What you will need:

  • 3 - 5 lolly sticks depending on your design
  • Felt pens or you can use children's paints
1. Place the amount of lolly sticks needed for your design side by side length-ways.  Place them against a tub or similar prop to stop them from moving while you draw / colour your design.

2. Draw your design on the lolly sticks using your felt pens or similar.

Mix the pictures up.... singly  

Or mix all the pieces together....

You can also make these using:
  • Magazine pictures
  • Family photographs
  • Wrapping paper
The list is endless.  have fun!

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