Monday, 9 November 2015

Shopping together

Shopping can be a nightmare or it can be fun.  From a child's point of view what do they actually see?  When sat in a trolley they do have quite a good view normally of the items in the aisle that you can talk about together.  However have you ever thought about when they may be in a buggy?  Most of the time it's peoples legs or shopping bags that they see, which are on the same level as makes you think doesn't it!

They soon get bored if they cant join in and help.  Even younger children can get involved.

What about making some picture shopping cards?

Cut out pictures from packaging from your weekly shop and take a few with you when you go shopping.  When you know your in the aisle where the item is usually kept you can make it into a game to try and spot the item and match it to the card.  This is great for early reading skills too.

Older children can make a shopping list with you.  Pick up some of the free flyers in the supermarket to do this with.  Great practice for cutting skills too.  Lots of opportunities to talk about the shopping for the household, what you need to buy, how many etc.

You can also make one up on the computer, laminate it and use it again and again with a white board marker pen.  So many learning opportunities can take place in the supermarket.

Play shop at home with food packaging. You can stuff boxes with newspaper or similar and sellotape up to make the shop more realistic or use items from the cupboards.  Use real money.  One made up shopping bag with recycled items can provide the following:
  • Role play (playing shop)
  • Language skills
  • Discover shapes (2d and 3d)
  • Use the boxes to build with
  • When they become tatty - use them to make a junk model and start again.

Best thing about's free!!!!!!!!!

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