Sunday, 24 January 2016

Just average Jen

I would like to introduce you to a lady I have met through the amazing charity we both support....
Post Pals  Click on the link to find out more about this amazing charity that helps to make lots of very sick children smile.

Anyway getting back to Jen......Jen is a pretty amazing, inspiring young lady.  You see Jen has lost an amazing 10 stone through slimming world in 16 months and has become an amazing inspiration to many including me. Because of her I was inspired to loose weight as I was finding it really hard.  Through her support and encouragement and those who follow her on her face book page I have managed to loose two stone.

My point is this.....we all have different personal circumstances that can make our path in life twist and turn, sometimes in ways we have no control over.  However it's how we face them and deal with them that makes the difference and this is one lady who has decided to use her journey to support others. 

Jen has now set up her own blog page....Just average Jen.
This paragraph is from her page....

'So, I'm Jen, a thirty-something vegetarian, full time mum and average kind of woman! I am a target member of Slimming World and have lost over ten stone in 16 months by healthy eating and no exercise! I cook for myself and my boyfriend on a budget and love experimenting with different foods and flavours in the kitchen! I am not ashamed to admit that I have depression and my son has special needs but he is my world, he is amazing! Blogging about life, food and me!'

If there's one blog I would recommend (apart from mine of course)'s this one.  I for one am truly grateful that Jen came into my life as I don't think I would have made the change without her support.  A real down to earth girl who gets it and I don't just mean loosing weight....although that's a bonus!  Pop on over, take a look and say hi.

Sarah x x

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