Thursday, 28 January 2016

Making marks: The beginnings of writing

  • Talk about and let them see you do ordinary writing tasks such as: making a shopping list or writing a birthday card and get them involved.
  • Ask them to read their writing to you
  • Provide a variety of writing ,materials such as: chalks, crayons, paint and brushes, pencils, felt tips etc
  • Make some home made play dough (see older post).  Make marks on it or make shapes
  • Make patterns together
  • Make a book or play shop or post office
  • Give them lots of paper, even old wallpaper and let them make squiggles.  Praise them when they do
  • Write with water and washing up bottles, paint rollers, paint brushes - outside
  • Let them make mistakes!  It's all part of learning

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