Sunday, 24 January 2016

Tickle games

Lots of children love tickle games played with them, especially the element of surprise of where they are going to be tickled.  Will it be their feet, hands, neck etc.  Round and round the garden is a great rhyme for this and one that most of us know.  So how do tickle games help babies and young children?
  • Helps them to react to the words and actions in the rhymes
  • They encourage taking turns in conversations
  • They encourage children to become more confident in communicating
You could also add a feather to the game if children are not allergic to them in any way.  A really good rhyme to add a feather to a tickling game / rhyme is this one:

The terrible tickle

I've got a little tickle
In between my toes.
Tickle, tickle, off you go!
Away the tickle goes.

Now that little tickle
Is tickling my knee.
Tickle, tickle, off you go!
Don't you tickle me!

That silly little tickle
Is tickling my tum.
Tickle, tickle, off you go,
Or I'll tell my mum.

That naughty little tickle
Has jumped behind me ear.
Tickle, tickle, off you go!
Stop it, do you hear!

That terror pf a tickle
Is tickling my nose.
Tickle, tickle, off you go!
It's gone.....
back to my toes!

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